With FILLME FUELS, the services come to you. You don’t have to worry.


Who we service?

  • Senior citizens

  • Students

  • Disability

  • Events

  • Dealership

  • Corporation

  • Fleet

  • Parking lots

  • Mall

  • Hotel

  • Condominum

  • On demand

We care for the whole family

  • Windshield cleaning

    The employee will clean your windshield of all debris/snow and grime and will expertly apply a Rain-X treatment on your glass to ensure your safety in wet weather.

  • Replacement of windscreen wipers

    High quality wipers will be put and will keep your windshield clear in the rain. It is recommended to change your blades every 6 months

  • Vehicle washing and interior dusting

    Quality interior dusting or exterior cleaning of the vehicle may be performed after filling the tank. This will give the car an appearance, smell and feel of new.

  • Car escort service at the garage

    FILLME will drive the customer’s car to his favorite garage where the appointment has been pre-arranged. At the end of the work by the customer’s garage, our driver can bring the car back to the workplace or at home at the customer’s request.

  • Checking and filling tires

    Our FILLME driver will visually inspect the tires on demand and measure the depth of the tread. He can use the air pump to fill the tires and make sure they have the desired air level.